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Are there any fees or limits for the Onboard Virtual card?

This table provides an overview of the fees and limits for an Onboard Virtual card, so you can easily manage your spending.

Card Creation$3This fee is charged only once to create your card.
Minimum Deposit$1You cannot top up your card with less than $1.
Monthly Maintenance FeeFreeA maintenance fee covers administrative costs to maintain your card. We've waived this for now.
Minimum Card Balance$1You must keep your card funded with at least this amount to keep it active.
Daily Transaction Limit$5,000This is the maximum amount you can spend per day using your card.
Monthly Transaction Limit$20,000This is the maximum amount you can spend per month using your card.
Transaction decline charge*VariesWe incur fees every time your card is declined for a transaction, so we recommend only attempting to use your card when sufficiently funded. Frequent declines will lead to your card being suspended. You'll be able to reactivate but subsequent declines from that point will incur a fee of between $0.02 - $0.32. If frequent declines continue to occur on your card, the card will be terminated.
Non-US or non-USD transactions2% + $0.5Transactions in other currencies, or transactions processed by merchants outside the US, incur currency conversion fees.

When you use your Onboard USD Card for payments in currencies other than USD or at non-U.S. merchants (even if quoted in USD), a separate FX conversion fee applies. The fee will be deducted from your card balance under the label "FX fee for (the specific payment made).” This is a standard fee with card schemes globally and we don't make any money from this.

*Always make sure you have enough funds before making a purchase or set reminders for any recurring purchases. Third-party providers may charge Onboard for declined transactions. In the event of this, any fees collected will only cover our incurred charges and we do not profit from insufficient funds charges.

Just a friendly heads up: Whenever you're sending any cryptocurrency from one address to another, you'll be charged a Network fee. These fees can vary based on the cryptocurrency you're attempting to transact with, the blockchain network, and the size of the transaction.

Updated on: 20/03/2024

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