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Why the Base network?

What is Base?

Some crypto networks excel in speed, while others shine in cost-effectiveness. Base stands out by being both swift and economical.
Base is a safe, cheap and user friendly Ethereum layer 2 network. A layer 2 basically means that it operates on top of an underlying blockchain protocol - in this case, Ethereum.

Why Base?

So, you probably prefer a specific network, and the thought of switching might not have crossed your mind. Here is why it should:

Secure and Affordable:

Base makes Ethereum, arguably the world most innovative blockchain network more accessible due to its low fees. You get all the apps & security of Ethereum for a fraction of the cost.

Powered by Coinbase:

With a boost from Coinbase, a leading cryptocurrency company, Base taps into years worth of crypto knowledge to make it easier for users.

Open to Everyone:

Base strives to be open and free for everyone. It's part of the larger Optimism project, dedicated to continuous improvement for a more inclusive and accessible experience for all users.

Updated on: 09/02/2024

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