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How to buy USDC on Base with Onboard Wallet

We've broken down the process of buying Base via Onboard exchange into these nine simple steps just for you!

1. Set Your Network to Base

Ensure that your network is set to Base to initiate the deposit process smoothly. This ensures that your transaction is securely processed within the Base network.

2. Click on the ‘Add’ Button

Once your network is set to Base, locate the ‘Add’ button below your ‘Total Balance’ and click on it.

3. Select USDC as the Token

From the list of available tokens, select USDC as the token you wish to deposit into your wallet.

4. Choose Your Payment Method

Under the ‘Pay with Cash’ option, select your preferred payment method for funding your USDC deposit. Onboard offers various payment options to suit your convenience.

5. Enter the Deposit Amount

Specify the amount of USDC you want to deposit into your wallet and click ‘continue’ to proceed to the next step. Double-check the amount to ensure accuracy.

6. Confirm Your Buy Order

Review your deposit details and confirm your buy order by clicking ‘Buy USDC.’ This step confirms your intent to deposit USDC into your Onboard wallet.

7. Complete the Transaction

Follow the instructions to complete the transaction by paying the specified amount in Nigerian Naira or Kenyan Shillings to the provided bank account. Once the transaction is completed, click ‘I have paid.’

8. Wait for Confirmation

After completing the transaction, wait for the merchant to release your USDC to your wallet. Once the USDC is successfully deposited, you will receive a confirmation message.

9. Confirmation Popup

Once you deposit has been processed, a pop-up message will confirm: ‘Your transaction has been completed successfully.’ This confirms that your USDC deposit is now available in your Onboard wallet.

Updated on: 06/02/2024

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