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What makes Onboard better than other self custody wallets?

While self custody or non-custodial wallets are known to be much “safer” than custodial wallets, as they give you 100% control of your assets, they have always been notoriously difficult to use, especially for crypto newbies. Onboard is not that way.

For example, when creating an account on most self-custody wallets, you are required to store or memorize your seed phrase (which is a human-readable version of your private key). With Onboard, all you need is to sign in via your Google or Apple account, and a non-custodial wallet will be generated for you instantly.

Also, unlike other self-custodial wallets, where it is difficult to go from cash to crypto and vice-versa, we have provided a way for you to do this without ever leaving the Onboard app. The peer-to-peer Onboard Exchange allows you to trade crypto securely with verified merchants in a decentralized manner. Don’t forget, even while trading crypto, we have zero access to your funds.

We’re also building a ton of other features that’ll make your self-custody wallet experience just as seamless as you’re used to on custodial wallets.

Updated on: 13/04/2023

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