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How do I send crypto using Onboard Wallet?

To send crypto to another wallet address via Onboard Wallet, you’ll need “gas fees”. This is a fee paid to the blockchain network whenever you want to send or swap your assets. This fee is denominated in the network’s native token, e.g. BNB for the Binance Smart Chain.

See “why do I need $BNB to pay gas fees whenever I want to send or swap?” for an explainer on gas fees.

To send crypto from your Onboard Wallet, follow the steps below. If you prefer video, scroll down for an explainer video.

Verify you are on the correct blockchain network (the item circled on the top left in the image below), and that you have a small amount to pay for “gas fees” (the second circled item in the image).

Verify network

Click on the Send button, just below the wallet address.

Select the token you want to send. Only tokens with a balance will be visible.

Enter the wallet address you want to send the token to, and the amount you’d like to send. Click on “Max” if you’d like to send your entire balance.

Make sure the wallet address you’re sending to is on the same network you’re connected to.

Enter wallet address and enter the amount

Confirm your transaction details and gas fees.

Click Send and viola, you’ve sent crypto via Onboard Wallet.

You’ll be notified once the blockchain transaction is complete.

You can browse your Transaction History to view details of your transaction.

View Transactions

Video Tutorial

Updated on: 14/04/2023

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